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How to Fix Blackra1n Jailbreak Problem iphone 3G/iPod Touch (No Boot Logo)(Windows)

jailbreak iphone

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*******************PLEASE READ***************** ***************UPDATE BLACKRA1N RC3 Blacksn0w************ www.youtube.com ******UPDATE 18/10/2009*********** New update info www.youtube.com *********************UPDATE********************** NEW VIDEO FOR IPHONE 3G USERS EXPERIENCING PROBLEMS WITH BLACKRA!N www.youtube.com iPod Touch users Run "Make it Rain" twice, Once for jailbreak and Twice for reboot. THIS MAY NOT WORK ON IPOD TOUCH DEVICE THAT START WITH MC (MB YOU SHOULD BE OK) IF YOU FAIL THE KEY IS TO KEEP TRYING AND PLAY AROUND UNTIL YOU SUCCEED. (IE TRY REINSTALLING BLACKRA1N, REBOOTING YOUR PC, COPY BLACKRA1N IN YOUR C DRIVE, RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR ETC. GOOD LUCK ;) 1 Restore to 3.1.2 2 Run Blackra1n 3 As soon as your device powers down Hold the Power&Home button until you see the Apple logo. When you see the Apple logo release the power button and continue holding the home button until it displays the iTunes logo&keep holding until you see Geohots picture. Download Blackra1n: www.blackra1n.com Follow ME on Twitter twitter.com IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE AND BUY ME A DRINK YOU CAN DONATE THROUGH MY WEBSITE THANKS My Website: www.imodyfi.com Please rate comment subscribe Thank you DreRandom


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