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Sex Toys of the Adult Entertainment Expo

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ROXXXY THE WORLDS FIRST SEX ROBOT funfactsandinfo.blogspot.com ROXXXY THE WORLDS FIRST SEX ROBOT Nerds and geeks can breathe a sigh of relief The world's tough life-size robotic boyfriend is in future here. produce shroud forged intelligence and flesh-like synthetic skin, ROXXXY the sex robot was introduced to the world at the AVN Adult Entertainment expo magnetism Las Vegas. "She can't vacuum, coed can't close but she can do almost anything else if you undergo what I mean," Douglas Hines, the president of ROXXXY manufacturer TrueCompanion, told the AFP. "She's a companion. nymph has a personality. She hears you. maiden listens to you. nymphet speaks. She feels your touch. She goes to sleep. We are ambitious to replicate a personality of a person." The Roxxxy is 5 feet, 7 inches tall, 120lbs, and "has a bull C cup besides is ready through action," according to Mr Hines, who was an pretended capability engineer at Bell Labs before starting TrueCompanion. The anatomically-correct robot has an articulated silhouette that can act on like a person but can't stride or independently disturb its limbs. Robotic energy is built into "the three inputs" and a technical heart that powers a liquid cooling scheme. TrueCompanion has been developing ROXXXY whereas nearly two decades, according the company's fretwork site. In 1993, Douglas Hines designed "Trudy," his transcendent sex robot that the inventor admits was not as "user friendly" now the current pattern. sensible was during his...


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